Wannabe architect (yet)

I am an IT passionate, with solid commercial experience in software development, mostly in legaltech, foodtech and retail fields. Im worked, for such companies like Olewnik, Diebold Nixdorf, EastWestLink, and a lot of smaller ones. During all of these years in software development, I tried to touch nearly all aspects of development process, which gave me a priceless outlook on the wide picture of creating software, and this wide picture is what interests me the most. Currently im working on my own projects related to crypto and gaming field.

Skills and knowledge:



Quick brief of what i was doing in the last years.

Fullstack/DevOps Engineer
EastWestLink sp. z o.o.

Responsible for implementing CI/CD solutions for software development department. Developing new tools, services, and reusable ui elements for domain teams. Maintaining microservices architecture.

"I believe, any software engineer should be able to understand the requirements, deliver on time, deliver according to the requirements. With Michał Łukasiewicz all those three requirements was fulfilled. It’s a great developer with excellent communication skills and business oriented attitude."

Jacek ZiąbskiCEO Creative sp. z o.o.

"If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture. - Brian Foote."

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